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G2g Title Slide

G2G Campaign Series

Pastor Jeff reveals the future vision for North Webster Church of God. Check out this message to hear more about the Generation to Generation campaign.



Holding nothing back! Every one of us goes through transitions in life. And since transitions are an inevitable part of life, we need to be able to embrace them by letting go inwardly of what was, in order to take hold of what is becoming. In this series we learn how we can be strong…

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

What keeps you up at night? What are the questions that consume your thoughts and fill you with worry, fear, and anxiety? In this new message series SWEET DREAMS we will discover how to live in the peace that God intends for us and learn how to cast all of our cares upon Him, for…



Relationships shape the way we experience the world and through them we encounter both joy and pain. In this new message series, RELATIONOLOGY, we will walk through some of our most significant relationships: friendships, dating, family, parenting, and marriage. We will explore the biblical foundations for healthy relationships. Join us each Sunday to learn how…



Scars are something that all of us share in common, because at some point along life’s path we’ve all been hurt. Your scar may be external or internal. It may be physical or emotional. Whatever your scar or current open wound there is healing, health, and hope in Jesus.

Looney Toons

It’s Not My Fault

The final Looney Tune we tell ourselves is, “It’s not my fault.” Why is it so difficult to accept personal responsibility when we mess up or make a mistake? Today, Pastor Tim Jones will present several stories from the Bible of individuals that listened to the same tune and challenges us to change our tune…

Looney Toons

But I Don’t Have What It Takes!

Even the most confident and accomplished people feel inadequate at times. Each of us have bouts with doubts about whether we have what it takes in particular arenas of our life. In today’s message Pastor Jeff is going to share truths from God’s Word that we can draw upon whenever we are tempted to mutter,…