“Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.” – 1 Timothy 6:18


Our BE RICH Partners for 2018



Fellowship Missions

Fellowship Missions is a homeless shelter in Warsaw, IN meeting the needs of people in our community (Kosciusko County) through sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ. It is their heart’s desire to give individuals a safe and loving place and to help them achieve a better way for themselves and their families. The organization is approximately 6 years old and is a fully functional homeless shelter with 38 beds. There is a men’s side and a women/children’s side to the facility. The organization serves 3 meals per day, 7 days per week. Residents can enter the facility, if there is space, for 14 days on an emergency basis but if they want to stay longer they must enter their Catalyst program. The Catalyst program can last up to 2 years if residents continue to follow the guidelines and make progress. During this program residents are paired with a mentor and receive training, counseling, and resources on how to become self-sufficient. At this time, the greatest needs for Fellowship Missions is for volunteers to serve meals, prep meals, mentor residents, and expand their administrative staff. Eric suggested that one of their long-term plans would be to provide transitional housing for residents that would serve as a transition between the shelter and becoming a fully functioning self-sustaining individual.

Video: Overview of Fellowship Missions



The ROSE Home

The Rose Home is a transitional living home for women who choose to recover from drug and alcohol addictions. Their homes are places of hope, places where women can see the joy of new beginnings and a promise for tomorrow. Their program is 8 months long and includes a variety of activities and group discussions every week to equip and develop women spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. The women are encouraged to attend local churches and support groups while in the program such as Celebrate Recovery, Turning Point, and the Bowen Center. The Rose Home has some very basic needs such as food, paper supplies, cleaning products, mentors for women, a person(s) with maintenance skills, etc. They could also use help to do yard/tree cleanup around the property. In addition, they are need of a 12-15 passenger van to help transport women back and forth between appointments, support groups, and counseling sessions.

Boomerang Backpacks

Boomerang Backpacks is a program that assists to nourish low-income elementary students on weekends by providing backpacks full of food, and to inspire high school students to experience community service through project-based learning and student internships. Their tagline is, “Helping to fight childhood hunger one Boomerang Backpack at a time.” The program currently serves over 3,700 students in 36 elementary schools. Specifically, we will be supporting the elementary schools in the Wawasee school district. In 2017-18, Boomerang Backpacks served over 300 children in the Wawasee elementary schools. It takes approximately $100 to feed a child for the school year. These bags of food go home over the weekend for the entire school year and students from Wawasee High School help pack these bags every week.

Mission of Hope

As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. We desire to serve the nation of Haiti, and see lives changed. Our mission is to fulfill our vision in every endeavor we undertake by successfully executing on our five core resolutions. • Relational Proclamation: Intentionally modeling Christ’s love through relationships. • Evangelistic Saturation: Repeatedly sharing the Gospel message in targeted geographies. • Indigenous Mobilization: Strategically developing national leaders to carry the vision to the nation. • Holistic Transformation: Continuously pursuing God’s physical, mental, social, and spiritual destiny for every man, woman, and child. • Excellent Implementation: Responsibly utilizing all resources and talents to their fullest potential for God’s glory.Build a home for a family for $6,600. Many families’ homes were destroyed or damaged during the earthquake in 2010. Some of these families still live in the damaged homes and many people are still living in blue tents. Blessing a family with a concrete home gives them security and peace of mind to be able to thrive.

Our Father’s House

Our Father’s House is a relief organization that supplies food and clothing to those in need. They are located in Warsaw and began 23 years ago. They serve approx 30-50 people everyday and are completed supported by volunteers. In addition to their relief work, they operate a catering business to help support the operating costs of the organization. Our Father’s House is in the process of building/renovating a dining room area that will give them the opportunity to serve hot meals for lunch everyday. In addition, they are building a shower facility so community members can address hygiene issues to better support their efforts in securing a job. Roz Morgan shared that their greatest needs are for volunteers and food donations.

Design Outreach – Life Pump

Design Outreach desires to share the love of God by developing sustainable technologies that help alleviate global poverty. The poor of the world have big dreams—what they lack is access and opportunity. By developing and providing innovative solutions for partners combating global poverty, we can help unlock the doors that lead to long-term community development and self-sufficiency. We are seeking champions to connect with us, inspire their local community, and empower a village by providing a safe and reliable water source. Fundraising champions will work to raise $10,000 for a LifePump, to be installed in a rural community in which we have implementing partners in either Africa or Haiti. Your campaign dollars will be used to provide the LifePump hardware, spare parts, and training, while our trusted implementing partners provide funding for well drilling and installation. Each LifePump will provide clean water for a village of 300 to 400 people. Your efforts will directly affect the lives of these people, giving them health, hope, opportunity, and empowerment.