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Is there an obstacle you’re facing that seems impossible to overcome, get over, or get through? Is there anything in your life that you would like to see change? Are you in need of a “Breakthrough”?

A breakthrough is often characterized as a sudden, dramatic, and important advance. Are you needing a breakthrough in the realm of your faith, family, health, work, finances, or elsewhere?

The Bible has recorded powerful experiences in which men and women encountered God and experienced breakthroughs in their lives!  What seems improbable or impossible to you, is not insurmountable for God! With God on your side, even if things around you look hopeless, God has breakthrough power!

Over the next 7 weeks, join us on a journey of faith.  Believe with us that God is a God of the Breakthrough and that He desires to do a new thing in and through you as you yield yourself to Him.

March 12  “I Don’t Know What To Do!”

We have all experienced crisis moments – times when we’ve felt powerless in our circumstances.  What do you do when things of life stack up against you and it feels as though your world is about to collapse upon you?  When you’ve done all you know to do and the results are out of your control – you need a breakthrough!

In today’s message, we will learn how to seek God and ask Him for the needed breakthroughs we desire in our jobs, marriage, health, finances, relationships, outlook, and attitude.

Scripture:  2 Chronicles 20:1-26

Refrain:  Remove the noise (airpods; headphones; car stereo; tv, etc.)

Replace:  5 minutes of silence a day

March 19  “Somebody Needs Changed”

Besetting sins are the ones that we continually struggle with and have a weakness toward. What sin keeps popping up on your menu?  Is there a sin with which you struggle that just won’t seem to let go! Is there a particular sin that you just keep going back to? The flesh and the spirit both have appetites. You must decide which one you’re going to feed!

In today’s message, we are reminded that besetting sins do not have to control us.  In Christ, we have been set free from our sins and no longer a slave to our sinful appetite. 

Scripture:  Hebrews 12:1; Proverbs 26:11; Romans 6:8-12

Refrain:  Sugary Sweet Treats (or exert self-control in another desire)

Replace:  Schedule a meal with a friend or family member who you don’t get to eat with often.

March 26  “Pardon The Interruption!

Most people hate interruptions. They slow us down!  They delay our day!  They interfere with our interests and prevent our present moment pursuits. They are almost always inconvenient! They involve waiting! But for the one instigating the interruption, perhaps there is nothing more important in all of life!

In today’s message, we see how an interruption brought about an immediate life change for one and expanded the faith of another.

Scripture:  Mark 5:21-43; Ephesians 3:20

Refrain:    Limit Your Screen Time (T.V., Phone; Video Gaming; etc.)

Replace:  Say “Yes” to an interruption and embrace it to be used by God!

April 2  “Taking Back Your Mind!

Your thoughts can be loud and powerful. They inform your decisions and influence your habits. But what do you do when you become trapped by your thoughts, unable to escape negative and unhealthy thinking? How do you quiet your mind when your thoughts get stuck in a loop and you lay awake at night excessively obsessing the days events and tomorrows concerns?

In today’s message, we learn what it means to take captive our thoughts and with God’s help breakthrough and demolish every stronghold that wages war against our mind!

Scripture:  2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Refrain:    Capture all negative thoughts and submit them to Jesus Christ

Replace:   Memorize 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

April 9  “More Than Hoping Against Hope!

What are you hoping for today? 

How would you complete this thought: “I sure hope _________ …”

Perhaps rather than answering the question, you’re asking a different question: “Is there any hope?”

Well, it’s Easter Sunday and there is hope!  The Bible calls it a “living” hope!  It’s been given to you through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead!  This hope will never perish, spoil, or fade!  Are you interested? 

Scripture:  I Peter 1:3-9

Refrain:   Take a break from social media (Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; Tik-Tok; Snapchat, etc.)

Replace:  Serve someone this next week in a manner that brings them joy and offers them hope!

April 16  “Get Your Future Back!

Getting past one’s past can sometimes be painful and difficult! Yet, regardless of your painful past, whether the result of your own poor choices or at the hand of another, you can get your future back!

In today’s message, we’ll seek to break through our past by releasing our grief, renewing our spirit, and replacing our discouragement with hope as we refocus on the future ahead.

Scripture:  Nehemiah 1:4-7; Ezra 4:21-24; Nehemiah 2:20; Nehemiah 4:1-21; Nehemiah 6:16

Refrain:    Recognize and stop rehearsing or leaning onto things that drag your past into your future.

Replace:  Go to bed earlier or get up earlier (30 minutes) pray on the “Armor of God” and fight for your future in Jesus’ Name!

April 23  “Walk Thru The Flames!

Have you ever come to a crossroads in life in which you must choose between conviction or compromise? Has there been a time when you’ve felt like just “giving in” and “going along” rather than “standing up” to the scrutiny of our cancel culture and the temptation to compromise your convictions and commitment to God?

What fiery trial has you engulfed in flames? Can you make it through without being burned?

In today’s message, amidst the peer pressures and fear pressures we face, we’ll learn how to “walk thru the flames” of our worst-case scenarios and come out on the other side with our faith in Jesus intact!

Scripture:  Daniel 3:1-30

Refrain:   Be cognizant of an area where you typically just “go along” and this time “stand up!”

Replace:  Write a hand-written note to encourage (add courage) someone this week!