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What Is Covenant Eyes?


Almost twenty years ago, Covenant Eyes founder Ron DeHaas faced the same questions many people face today. “How can I teach my children to use the internet with integrity?” “How do I guard my own heart and remain pure online?” “How do I serve as an example to my family and church?”

Realizing the threat that online technologies pose without proper monitoring, he invented Internet Accountability to equip people to protect themselves and their families from online dangers.

Located in Owosso, Michigan, Covenant Eyes is the pioneer of Internet and Screen Accountability™ software, empowering members to maintain their online integrity. Over 100,000,000 Covenant Eyes accountability reports have generated 18 years of conversation-based accountability. Covenant Eyes is the most significant corporate force in cultural recognition of the public health crisis of pornography and sex trafficking.

Raising Courageous Kids to Confront a Sexualized Culture

Talking to your kids about Internet dangers can be tricky, especially if your kids are older and you’ve never had these conversations before. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be scary!

Raising Godly Digital Natives (E-Book #1)

The home is the hub where we nurture our children into thriving adults who love the Lord with all their hearts— including how they steward their sexuality. God instructs parents to teach children diligently “when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise” (Deuteronomy 6:7). It is no accident three of these four places—where our children live, where they wake, and where they sleep—are in the home. Using the image of the home, this book presents some of the essential building blocks to prepare children for a sexualized culture.

Helping Parents Navigate Online Exposure (E-Book #2)

As parents, we must keep in mind that there are no quick fixes or easy solutions to this kind of situation. The goal of this book is not to “fix your kid,” but to provide you a way of thinking about growing your relationship with your child as you provide him or her with guidance and formation he or she needs.

How Strong Family Relationships Lead To Internet-Safe Kids (E-Book #3)

When we recognize the value of being connected, opportunities arise for our families to grow together. Our families contain the most important people in our lives, and though we may experience times of disconnection, there is hope that we can experience the profound closeness that we all desire!

Protect Young Eyes

Our mission is to show families, schools, and churches how to create safer digital spaces. We do this with a pretty great website, powerful presentations, and a unique learning app for parents who have ZERO free time (and squirrel-chasing, no-focus brains like mine!).
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