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Giving Is An Act Of

Joy And Faithfulness!

Giving financially to God is an important part of our spiritual walk and journey. The Bible tells us that “… everything we have comes from You (God), and we give You only what You first gave us” (1 Chronicles 29:14 NLT).

How Can You Give?

Simply place cash or checks in the offering plate during any Sunday service or in the office drop box as you leave. *For cash giving credit gifts must be placed in a giving envelope with your contact info on it.

Send your donation to the church office at PO Box 313, North Webster, IN 46555.

Set up a one-time or recurring gift schedule using an bank ACH draft, credit card, or debit card. *We utilize PushPay for electronic giving: PushPay.

Download our free NWCOG mobile app to set up a one-time or recurring gift.

This option generates a check from your bank to North Webster Church of God upon your action. Your bank mails the check to the church for you.


Returning a portion of the finances God has blessed us with honors Him and enables His kingdom to expand. It’s important that we give as an act of love and gratitude towards God, not because man has said to do it. The apostle Paul wrote, “You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. For God loves a person who gives cheerfully” (2 Corinthians 9:7 NLT).

Can I Give Year End Gifts?

Yes! In order to receive current year-end giving credit, gifts of cash or check must be postmarked or received at the church before 12 midnight, December 31. You may also place gifts in the offering plate on the last Sunday of the year during services. Or you may personally deliver your gifts to the church between 8:00a and 5:00p on December 31. Envelopes bearing a postmark of December 31 or earlier will count as contributions for the current calendar year.

What are the benefits of electronic giving?

  • Create a one-time gift or multiple schedules that fits your financial lifestyle.
  • Edit or delete any scheduled donation at anytime.
    Please Note: Edit or delete any scheduled donation one full business day in advance of the date you want the transaction to take place.
  • View your giving record at any time. You may also print it at any time desired. (This feature becomes available 24 hours after you set up your account for the first time.)
  • Consistently support the ministries of NWCOG even when you miss a Sunday.

How safe and secure on online giving?

When you enter and view the online giving information, rest assured it is secure due to the 256-bit AES encryption that occurs prior to it being transferred and stored. The 256-bit encryption has never been broken. According to one source, it will take a “trillion-trillion years” to crack the code using today’s technology.

Are there fees associated with electronic giving?

Yes, there are fees associated with the convenience of electronic giving. For all bank account (ACH) transactions there is a 1% fee and for all debit/credit card transactions there is a 2.6% fee. For example, a $100 gift that is subject to the ACH fee will incur a $1 fee (processing) and $99 will go to the church. At this time, the church pays for these processing fees. For individuals that want the convenience of electronic giving but do not want the church to incur these processing fees you can…

  • Set-up your electronic giving selecting the ACH Bank Account option (most budget conscious).
  • Pay the church through cash/check on a monthly or yearly basis for your own transaction fees (calculate this using your giving statement).

Who do I contact with questions about online giving?

If you have further questions about electronic giving please contact the church office. For FAQ for Subsplash giving visit their help page.