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Next Steps

Here are a few practical ways to take the next step in your journey to know God or get connected at NWCOG.

A Relationship with Jesus

Everyone has an opinion about Jesus. Some think He was a great teacher or that He didn’t exist at all. Whatever you believe, we can probably agree that Jesus changed things and we believe He wants to change you, too.


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Proclaim Your Faith

Baptism is the act of going public about your faith in Jesus and communicating to the world your heart-felt commitment to following Him. It is the next step after salvation.


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Why We Give

Giving financially to God is an important part of our spiritual walk and journey. The Bible tells us that “… everything we have comes from You (God), and we give You only what You first gave us” (1 Chronicles 29:14, NLT).


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Life Groups
Join a Small Group

Life Groups are place where we live life together in community. We believe that Jesus modeled this for his followers. The goal is to grow closer to Jesus while developing strong relationships with one another.


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Study the Scripture

You cannot have a close relationship with a person you never talk to. It is impossible! God’s Word, the Bible, is the primary way He speaks to us.


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Growth TrackDiscover Your Journey

Growth Track is a six-week small group experience that introduces people to NWCOG and the mission of our church.


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Student Ministry
6th-12th Grade Students

EPIC Student Ministry is here to help students and their families navigate through all of the changes that occurs during the middle school and high school years. We were not created to engage life on our own and it is our goal to make sure that doesn’t happen.


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Children's Ministry
0yrs-5th Grade

Our Kidz Cove Children’s Ministry offers fun, Bible-centered programming for all kids, newborn through 5th grade. It is our goal to partner with parents and the community to create a strong spiritual foundation in the life of every child who enters our doors.


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Volunteer in a Ministry

Serving others is the heart of Jesus’ message to his followers. To be the church is to serve wholeheartedly. Jesus said in Matthew 20:28 that he came to serve not to be served. Here are a several opportunities we offer for people to volunteer their time and talents to serve others.


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