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North Webster Church of God

Listed below are several of the benefits of joining the NWCOG Online community.

Access Online Portal

Personal Profile

Your profile can be updated by YOU! Keep personal information up to date such as phone #’s, email addresses, home or mailing addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, communication preferences and any other significant events you choose. Your information is secure and protected based upon preferences and privacy settings you select.

Online Giving

As a member of the Online Community you have the option to set-up online giving. You can give a one-time gift or set-up a recurring gift schedule with your checking account or debit card. You can view your personalized giving history or print a current giving statement.

Serving Opportunities

In the online community you have the ability to search for serving opportunities and communicate to church leaders when and where you want to serve. If you only want to serve on the third Sunday of each month during the 11:00 service then you can set those in your serving preferences.


Never miss an email, text alert, or notification from North Webster Church of God. You can manage your messages from church leaders, register for text message alerts, and update email communications.


1) What are benefits of joining the online community?

Members can keep all personal information up to date to ensure communication channels remain open and reliable. Members can stay in the loop about upcoming events and interact with other group members. Members can search for serving opportunities, set serving availability, and give online.

2) How can I join the online community?

Begin by selecting the Create an Account link and fill out the form. If your email address matches one in our system an activation email will be sent automatically. After receiving an activation email follow the instructions to activate your account. If your email address does not match one in our system a team member will follow-up on your request asap.

3) How do I access my online profile in the future?

To access your online profile in the future visit our website and select the Access Online Portal button located at the top and once redirected enter your username and password. (Tip: You can add a bookmark for

4) How secure is my personal information?

All information is stored securely at a regional server site in Colorado Springs. Information is securely transmitted with a 256 bit AES encryption. In addition, each user can choose which information is shared in the online community by adjusting privacy settings and preferences.

5) What are the different types of communication preferences?

NWCOG can communicate through the postal service, email messages, and text messages if personal information is correct. To receive text messages a member must enter their mobile # and provider.

6) How do I change my password, communication preferences, or privacy settings

After signing into the online portal select the circle icon located in the upper right side of the page. After clicking on this icon you will be directed to your profile page and from there select the edit button to change your personal information.

7) What if I do not have internet access at home?

You can access the online community by visiting one of our iPad kiosks at the Guest Services center. Additionally, you could use any public computer that has internet access such as the public library.

8) Is this similar to Facebook?

Yes and No. It is an online networking tool primarily used for communication between church leaders and group members rather than posting what you had for breakfast this morning.

9) Where can I find help with the online community?

For additional help please contact the church office and one of our team members can assist you.