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Turning Point Counseling

Turning Point is a counseling center in  North Webster, Indiana. We are a non-profit organization committed to relevance in our community and the surrounding areas. We believe in health, healing, hope, growth, recovery, and transformation as foundational goals for ourselves and those we have the privilege of serving. We believe in a biopsychosocial-spiritual theoretical approach. This means that we look at helping clients in all major domains of their lives. We respect and value the dignity of each individual. We value the beauty of difference and equality as we walk alongside our clients.

Fellowship Missions

Fellowship Missions provides a place of refuge through a homeless shelter and a transitional house for men, women and families in the Warsaw community. Community meals are an opportunity for personal connection. Friendships are forged and concerns are shared in a Christ-centered environment. Fellowship Missions has a continual need for volunteers and they have a separate application form that must be filled out by every volunteer in advance and needs 3-5 days to process once it is submitted. In addition, they prefer an individual or group leader contact them in advance to inquire about availability (serving meals) since they fill up their volunteer spots pretty quickly. To volunteer the best person to contact is Melissa Dimopoulos, who is their Community Relations Director, at: 574-268-9555; [email protected].

The Heart Institute

The H.E.A.R.T. (Hunger Education And Resources Training) Insitute is an interdenominational traning center designed to prepare people to serve effectively in the thrid world. Located in sub-tropical Florida, HEART operates a village community that stimulates many aspects of third world living. Their goals are to provide internships for prospective students around the globe, scholarships and extend the program.

Teens Parents Succeeding

The mission of Teen Parents Succeeding is to work in conjunction with the Wawasee School Corporation, the community and area churches to provide affordable child care enabling teen parents to complete their high school education. Participants are required to attend weekly support group meetings and parenting life skills training. These are preparing them to be responsible parents and productive citizens in the community after high school.

Combined Community Services

The mission of Combined Community Services is to provide comfort, hope and tangible resources for neighbors in need. CCS is located in the Warsaw area and collaborates with local churches and individuals to encourage and enable self-sufficiency. CCS offers programs that are practical, giving a “hand up not a hand out” and continue to look for new ways to remove old barriers for low-income residents of Kosciousko county.

The Gideons

In more than 90 languages and 190 countries around the world Gideons are actively distributing copies of God’s Word free of charge. The local Wawasee Gideon Camp distributes scripture to physicians, dentists, lawyers, nursing homes, hotels, Kosciusko jail, county fairs and the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission. They also provide Bible mentoring and church service every Thursday night at the country jail for men and women.

Kids Hope USA

Kids Hope USA helps meet the emotional, social and academic needs of “at risk” children by giving them a one-to-one, Jesus-with-skin-on, relationship with a mentor from our church. This is NWCOG’s ministry to children and families in our neighborhood. A mentor gives one hour per week to meet with the same child throughout the school year. Mentor training is provided to fully equip the volunteer to build a relationship with their assigned child.

Life Care House

The Life Care House is an extension of North Webster Church of God and attempts to meet the basic household needs of those in our community. The LCH provides basic toiletry, health, and household items at a very affordable price. These items are donated from church members. Learn more about the Life Care House.

Boomerang Backpacks

Boomerang Backpacks is a program that assists to nourish low-income elementary students on weekends by providing backpacks full of food, and to inspire high school students to experience community service through project-based learning and student internships. Their tagline is, “Helping to fight childhood hunger one Boomerang Backpack at a time.” The program currently serves over 3,700 students in 36 elementary schools. Specifically, we support the elementary schools in the Wawasee school district.

The Rose Garden Recovery Community

The Rose Home is a transitional living home for women who choose to recover from drug and alcohol addictions. Their homes are places of hope, places where women can see the joy of new beginnings and a promise for tomorrow. Their program is 8 months long and includes a variety of activities and group discussions every week to equip and develop women spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. The women are encouraged to attend local churches and support groups while in the program such as Celebrate Recovery, Turning Point, and the Bowen Center.

Mission of Hope

Since 1998, Mission of Hope has grown from a small mission on a barren piece of land to a village of hope that houses over 60 children. The mission includes a Hospital of Hope with full operating rooms, a prosthetic lab and a clinic which sees over 150 patients per day. The School of Hope provides Christian based education for 2500 students and ranks in the the top 5% of all schools in Haiti. Nearly 1000 men, women and children worship each Sunday morning at the Church of Hope. They currently provide over 50,000 nutritious lunches to school children every day through a local partnership.

Design Outreach

Design Outreach desires to share the love of God by developing sustainable technologies that help alleviate global poverty. The poor of the world have big dreams—what they lack is access and opportunity. By developing and providing innovative solutions for partners combating global poverty, they can help unlock the doors that lead to long-term community development and self-sufficiency. They seek champions to connect with, inspire their local community, and empower a village by providing a safe and reliable water source. Fundraising champions work to raise $10,000 for a LifePump, to be installed in a rural community in which they have implementing partners in either Africa or Haiti. Campaign dollars are used to provide the LifePump hardware, spare parts, and training, while our trusted implementing partners provide funding for well drilling and installation. Each LifePump will provide clean water for a village of 300 to 400 people. Your efforts will directly affect the lives of these people, giving them health, hope, opportunity, and empowerment.

Dave and Kathy Simpson

Dave and Kathy (Rankin) Simpson from Warsaw, IN are career missionaries to Bulgaria. They are the first missionaries from Global Missions. Kathy uses her gifts in music and teaching to minister within the local congregation. Dave has served in youth ministry and teaching. Together they are implementing strategies for Christian growth int he community, supporting local pastors, teaching Bible classes and developing Christian community leaders.

Alfonso and Elizabeth Ayala

For over 20 years, Alfonso and Elizabeth (Betty) Ayala have served in Belize as Sunday School teachers, camp counselors, conference leaders, Bible study leaders, health and community development workers. The couple is well equipped for the challenges of rural Belize with their degrees in medicine, health and theology. Alfonso is a medical doctor working in cooperation with the government, advising and participating in different committees and task forces.Elizabeth teaches Spanish as a second language at a local high school.

Dave and Sharon Matti

Dave and Sharon Matti are active members of North Webster Church of God. They were commissioned in 1986 as Wycliffe Bible translators and missionaries to serve the Mamasa people on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia translating the Bible into the native language for nearly 100,000 Mamasa speakers. The Matti family lived in Indonesia until 2001. Since that time David commutes several times a year to work with local translators.